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This guide covers the fundamental routines that you’ll need to master while in a driving school before anything else.As the saying goes, “Practice makes perfect” To feel confident with all of these techniques you’ll need about 10 hours of lessons with an approved driving instructor for perfection. The 7 steps are briefly discussed below1). Cockpit drill: The cockpit drill covers the things you’ll need to check and adjust each time you get into your car, before you start the e...


 Have you ever bought a car or been gifted one by a friend? Did you know that a motor vehicle registration book (Log Book) is the one which proves ownership of the vehicle? Is the log book of the vehicle registered in your names? Well if you are looking for answers to such questions then this brief write up will sort you out.There are two scenarios where transfer of ownership of a motor vehicle can be done namely;1. When the transferor (current owner) is present and willing to sign the...

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